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lululemon practice

Role: Design Direction

lululemon recently launched their membership program and organised events across North America to promote the new program that will be available in specific cities to trial the program. There were exclusive sweat events , exclusive localised clothing as well a specific store promotions to further the promoting of the anticipated program.

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BMW X4 launch

Role: Design Direction

Working with the projects Art Director who wanted to represents the cars aggressive bodywork and lines, the photography was dramatic with and the layouts broke tradition and filled much more than the usual space assigned to promoting a car, almost touching the edges. It was this along with the striking photography that made this such a success with the client and subsequent launch.

Vodafone Bus side

Role: Design Direction

A simple concept that worked with the supplied line; use the rhombus shape to create an arrow which also worked with the direction of
the bus.    


eComm welcome Pack

Role: Art Direction | Design | Illustration

The brief was to create a design that reflected the companies focus on technology and represent the new employees journey and orientation through eComm's organisation. The concept was around growth and establishing roots which was applicable to the brand as well as the individual employee.

eComm pack mockup 04.png

Fusion 2.0

Role: Art Direction | Design

A rebrand of ICAP Fusion, to coincide with the launch of the Fusion 2.0 trading platform. The aim for was a fresh, minimalist yet modern look that would be used to connect all of ICAP Fusions product and establish a more succinct brand identity. The logo mark was designed to be more versatile and establish a clearer connection to the brands tag line.

Fusion F.png
Fusion F guides.png
Artboard 1.png


Role: Design Direction | Print Production

TrueQuote was relatively new trading platform that were in a position to begin marketing themselves on a global level.  All the work was designed with the intent to be used at Expo's in Singapore, New York and Barcelona. This was a complete overhaul of the brand.

eComm rebrand

Role: Design Direction

An update to the Global branding, evolving to a brighter more engaging identity. The broad colour palette allowed for sub brand colours that were associated to the four main departments of the company.

CRM Launch campaign

Role: Concept | Illustration | Print Production

The concept was that without all employee and their input there is no customer relationship management, which is a vital part to finding new leads and customers. This was a Internal campaign for a new system. The sticky notes were distributed globally across 15 countries and over 40 offices.