Akin Clothing

Working with Akin was a unique experience,  being able to for a company who are actively doing good for less fortunate children made it all the more rewarding. The brief was completely open 'just do what you do best' was pretty much the direction. Couldn't be happier with the final result! Pick up your own here



Vine Magazine

The June '17 issue of Vine Magazine had a feature that was focused on Germany and six key cities for the business. Articles about the cities were accompanied with four illustrations of recognisable landmarks from each city and made into one scene. The final six cities were Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich. I was briefed to draw the buildings so they looked easily recognisable and had a technical feel to the drawings but still loose and sketch like. The illustrations were then printed out and photographed to further the collage/sketch feel to the work.


Private commission illustration printed on 310 Giclee paper.

Mad Max

Private commission printed on 310 Giclee paper.


An exhibition about obsessions; showcasing hand drawn illustrations, screen printed T-shirts and collages over other books.

New Beard-02.png

Dear Hunter

Personal project with no real intent, just letting my imagination and pen wander.

Hand drawing then scanned and imported to illustrator and animated with AfterEffects Music Credit - Kuedo (track) Scissors

VHS Collection

Self initiated project to test movie trivia. The aim was to illustrate three real life objects from a film that could bee used as hints
to describe a film.


Doughnuts are great and this for those who love them so much they want doughnuts as their desktop background(feel free to save it)