Motion Design

BMW M2 Launch campaign

To mark the Launch of the New M2, customers were invited to enter a competition and this was the first 'teaser' leading up to the launch. After being asked to make it look "glitchy" this is was the final outcome. The client wanted to focus on the quality of the engine sound, so any car visuals were removed and the challenge was to keep the clip visually engaging.

The clip was shown across multiple social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.

iPerformance series launch

The launch of the iPerformance range was targeted to be viewed across a wide range of touch points including static imagery, subtle motion and full motion. The challenge was to make the footage work across a variety of sizes where the promotions were to be viewed at various locations and lengths, from roadsides to train stations.

Visa Playbook

One of the tasks in creating a global playbook for Visa was to create a set of Cinemagraphs, which sounds simple enough but the challenge was to create them from still photos that had been chosen prior to the request of the cinemagraph. What could have meant a set back in progress became a fun addition to the brief.

Rise of the Coalition Household

Data collected on the shift in voting patterns within UK households and the increase in multiple Political views being held in one household