Generative Design

An exploration into the theory and method of Generative design. All work was based around the numbers 6,10,22,25,29 and 40. The aim was to create a methodology around the numbers and let that determine the outcome of the work.

Printed on Strathmore Grandee Bright White 118gsm Paper, Perfect binding

Writing on the wall

Writing on the wall exhibition poster submission

 MA  - A history of Orthography

My MA Graphic Design research and final outcome researching the question

 "Can the current orthographic value of textisms and abbreviations be improved by being viewed in a print based context"

Orthography research

A visual summary of the testing portion of my final major project which included typography  experiments, primary research and secondary research. The work is linguistic based, focusing on the development of language. Printed on GF Smith 118 gsm Strathmore Grandee Paper

Orthography MA proposal

MA Proposal submission.
Opting for a alternate outcome from the regular book format of proposals made for a less linear experience. This allowed the viewer to choose topics based on their own interests. 

Printed on GF Smith 120gsm Vellum white colour plan paper

Orthography MA Final outcome

Visual summary