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deliveroo - New markets

As the market for food delivery grows so does the demand and deliveroo were spreading their services further out from large cities into smaller parts of the U.K that might not be as familiar with their services. The aim was to be as much of a informative campaign as it was a promotional one. Being responsible for the art direction as well as the design I wanted it to feel personal, so the areas were specifically mentioned. It was important to get the copy right as it had to be short, informative and fun.  It also had to work across both digital and print.


IBM's Watson at Wimbledon 2017

I was fortunate to be part IBM's 'Watson at Wimbledon' campaign. The aim was to raise the profile of'Watson' who is their AI. The campaign covered numerous touch points and opportunities for the public to engage with daily updates to online content , interviews with the public and Tennis player at Wimbledonand via various social media platforms. My involvement was designing the online social content to be used across the web, including the official Wimbledon site as well as a re-skin for the Telegraph's website.

Vodafone - Heathrow

A Set of three DOOH designs which were part of the Vodafone brand takeover at a number of locations across the UK including Heathrow airport, The Bullring shopping centre , Victoria and Waterloo train station.

Heathrow signs mockup 02.jpg
Heathrow signs mockup 01.jpg

Inmarsat Invite

Inmarsat were holding a $2M afterparty at the 2017 Apex Expo which was held in Long Beach, California.  The brief was to produce three digital invites for the event. The invite needed to look more luxury and less corporate but still like a set as they were to serve different purposes. There was scope to go off-brand and produce something that felt High-end but also clearly communicated it's purpose. 



Showcasing the website across a variety of platforms and its responsiveness, to give the best possible user experience in a variety of
operating systems and devices. The site has a variety of personas based on the users interests allowing for the content to be customised
to each individual user. The site went on to win an award at the 2014 CMA's.

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ISG Annual report

The interactive version of the companies 2014 Annual report. 
Designed as an alternative to the printed copy and creating a less linear read, allowing the viewer to easily and quickly access the relevant content. The app included animated transitions and diagrams designed by myself.